The Foundation was born from Vincenzo Casillo’s conviction that the company’s work and values are tools that express the person and affirm their dignity, social inclusion and development of the local area. All the initiatives promoted by the Foundation are intended to contribute to a development that gives individuals the opportunity to grow, creates the basis for a healthy and productive social fabric, restoring value to the land where Vincenzo Casillo worked.

We are committed on a daily basis to promoting, supporting and managing activities and initiatives intended to promote the well-being of local communities and the improvement of living conditions, mainly of people living in hardship.

The Vincenzo Casillo Foundation pursues its objectives by selecting projects that reflect the values espoused by Vincenzo Casillo during his life, so that they can be passed on to everyone who may come into contact with this important organisation. The peculiarity of the Casillo Foundation lies in its desire to act directly in the field, with a spirit of service towards the direct beneficiaries and of cooperation towards all the organisations directly or indirectly involved in the initiatives.

The teachings of Vincenzo Casillo are the beacon that shines on our daily work. Our distinctive qualities do the rest. Each of us puts our intuition, wealth of experience and heart at the service of the Foundation.